Monday, September 27, 2010


Last month, I stumbled across this post/giveaway on Young House Love.

I was instantly enchanted by the images from an Etsy shop called The Starcraft.  Hand-folded moravian paper stars are incorporated into beautiful hanging mobiles -- each based on actual constellations.

When Phil and I decide to have kids, { which will not be anytime soon, mom : ) } one of these mobiles will be the first thing to go up in the nursery.

They are beautiful... colorful... whimsical.  I love them.


After browsing through The Starcraft shop I was inspired to make my own moravian stars.

Here's the results...

I found an online tutorial -- here -- that had really simple instructions with step-by-step, pictures, and video.

I made mine using all different sizes of curling ribbon.  And I love how they turned out.

Right now I have them all in a big vase next to our bed.  I think I want to make some more blue ones and do a monochromatic star vase. We'll see though... anything's possible : )

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