Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Night

Hello all.

Just hanging out tonight.  Phil cooked me dinner.  We went for a walk and then got some iced coffee.

Pretty good night.

Listening to this song...

I love it.  I'm not even going to elaborate at all because I think the song says it perfectly :)


Other exciting things...

My little sister got engaged a few weeks ago : )

Super excited for her. The wedding will be next summer.

So, I've been looking at wedding stuff.  Dresses and decorations and wedding blogs.  I wish I could get married again...

To Phil, of course : )

Found a pretty cool site -

I especially liked this post.

I love weddings.  I love love. 


And, to continue with the random theme of this post, here is my dog...

Yes.  He likes to dress up like a gangsta.

Ok... maybe not.  But I like him to.  

He lets me bug him... he's a good dog.  I love him.