Monday, August 22, 2011

Hunger Games

Almost every time I go into Target, I scan through an aisle called "recommended reading."  And I always get ideas as to what book I should read next.

So, awhile ago I saw this one...

I quickly skimmed the back cover synopsis (I never read the entire thing because it always gives more of the plot away than I wanted to know) and decided this would go somewhere near the top of my mental need to read book list.

Then I started seeing it on my kindle top 100 list... and then on pinterest...

So, I decided it would buy it and take it camping at Higgins Lake.

And let me tell you...

It was so good.

I had to pace myself so I wouldn't sit down and read the entire book in one sitting.

There are a total of three books in the series, and I highly recommend them. I don't want to give away any plot points, so I'll just say it's an action packed series that had just the right amounts of sci-fi, action/adventure, and romance.

If you love to read, this is definitely a can't miss series.  Read it!!

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