Saturday, October 30, 2010

{The Puppy}


I thought I should introduce you to a member of our family.

This is Lionel.  And today is his first birthday.

Lionel is our baby.

How we came about getting Lionel is a very sad story - one that I'm not quite ready to tell - But the story of the past ten months has been a very happy one.

Lionel is a pure-bred Golden Retriever.  We got him when he was about nine weeks old.

From the very beginning, Lionel has been a lover.  All he wants to do is be loved on - be scratched and pet and snuggled with.

{Yes, that is our broken screen door}

He's a good boy, and we love him very much!

Dogs are so wonderful.  If you don't have one -- get one  : )

1 comment:

  1. lionel is such a precious baby. im glad i got to see him on his birthday.

    andddd as for the last line here, i might have to copy and paste that and show it to you next time you tell me i cant get a dog. just saying :)